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UK estate agents’ fees are the lowest worldwide. Exclusive research by EAT

An interesting post published by Estate Agent Today suggests that UK estate agents’ fees are THE lowest in the world. In addition, in many countries (i.e. Italy) both parties (vendor/landlord, buyer/tenant) pay the commission (ranging fro 2,5% to 4%)…

What do you think about this situation? Do you think UK estate agents deserve less that those of other countries? Let us know your opinion…

Exclusive: UK agents’ fees still lowest worldwide

by Graham Norwood. Published on Estate Agent Today, 2nd March 2015.


Research by Estate Agent Today suggests that UK estate agents’ figures are among the lowest – and are possibly THE lowest – in the world.

Using just under 200 individual estate agent contacts as well as online research and global property guides, EAT has compiled a list of 20 countries around the world.

We have tried to compare each based on sole agency or the nearest equivalent in each country.

The UK’s agents come out as almost certainly the cheapest – and we are referring to High Street agents, not online operators. Typical UK High Street agent fees are 1.0 to 2.5 per cent and very exceptionally more. Most are very much at the 1.0 per cent end of the scale and we are aware of a small number of agents who accept vendors’ bargaining down to 0.75 per cent. However, we have taken what we believe to be a representative sample.

Perhaps surprisingly, only Dubai’s and Russia’s fees, according to agents in those locations, come even close to the UK’s. In both of those markets, many sales take place much more informally than in the UK.

Fees are notoriously difficult to compare because while a few countries have a more regulated and uniform agency structure than in the UK, most do not, and several have ‘loose’ markets where fees are open to substantial negotiation by vendors and agents.

There are also substantial additional costs which will vary significantly country-to-country.

Likewise the level of service offered by agents will vary considerably; it is well known that the US realtor’s service often includes the kind of assistance offered in the UK by buying agents, as well as the traditional sales service.

Even so, we believe this to be an authoritative guide to the various basic fees charged by the majority of agents in these respective locations. About a year ago EAT published a much smaller table of just nine countries but now we have extended this to 20 and hope to add still more in the future.

Agents will enjoy reading this, we are sure…

– Argentina 3% (occasionally as high as 10%)

– Australia 4% or higher

– Canada 3.5% reducing as asking price rises

– Denmark 5% or higher

– France 6% or higher

– Germany 5% to 6%

– Ireland 3% or higher

– Mexico 4%

– Netherlands 5% or higher

– New Zealand 2.25% to 2.95% reducing as asking price rises

– Poland 3%

– Portugal 4% or higher

– Russia 2% to 5%

– South Africa 4% to 8%

– Spain 6% or higher

– Sweden 4% or higher

– Switzerland 4.5% to 10%

– United Arab Emirates (Dubai) 2% to 3%

– United Kingdom 1.0% to 2.5% (exceptionally 3.0%)

– United States 6% to 10%

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