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The Importance of a Good Image…See the Worst Listing Photos Ever

When the time comes to sell (or let) a property,  nothing is more important than the old adage “A (good) picture is worth a thousand words”.

As all (good) agents know, a nice set of bright and professional photos can really make a difference between selling (or letting) a property and not. At RE/MAX London this is not even a rule: it’s a precondition to list a property.

Who, for instance, wouldn’t like to live in a property like this (a gorgeous Penthouse in Palace Court, W2)?

Moscow Road Penthouse

Taking good images and, if possible, staging the property are basics for any good estate agent, even in a fast-paced market as London. But, looking at the photos below, it seems some so-called “property professionals” totally ignore this simple but absolutely golden rule. These are probably some of the worst property listing photos ever.

Take the following list (taken from Terrible Estate Agent Photos) as a wacky collection of cautionary property tales — listing photos so bad you’ll cry from laughter. File them under “laughter is the best medicine”, and consider it our contribution to your health plan…

1. This cozy room makes it impossible to get out of the wrong side of the bed each morning

VERY tight bedroom...


2. State-of-the-art kitchen designed to accommodate people with particularly fast metabolisms.

Kitchen with WC

3. Does this interior please your artistic streak?

Artistic layout
















4. Cozy and Warm Bedroom

Worst listings photos ever. Warm bedroom

5. The best solution to optimise your space.

Worst listings photos ever. Optimising space

6. State-of-the-art security system.



7. Thanks to the Mailing Management System of this flat, your bills can automatically go right where they belong.

Worst listing photos ever. Mailing Management System


8. On a cold winter’s night, there’s nothing like a blazing fire…

Worst listing photos ever. Fireplace

9. Why stepping out of frame? Just hide behind the curtains…

Worst listing photos ever. Hide behind the curtain


10. Nothing’s better than a nice rug to stage a flat..

Worst listing photos ever. Perfect staging

11. This living (?) room is just missing a flat screen TV

Worst listing photos ever. Flat screen TV missing

12. Shabby-Chic Cottage

Worst listing photos ever. Shabby-chic decors

13. Just needs a small cleaning…

Worst listing photos ever. Small cleaning

14. Want to feel safe at home? Just fasten your seat-belts…

Worst listing photos ever. Fasten your seatbelts

15. This property just needs some small refurbishments

Worst listing photos ever. Small refurbishments

16. The toilet of this flat is DEFINITELY working….

Worst listing photos ever. Working toilet

17. In case of rain.

Worst listing photos ever. In case of rain

18. Real Estate is really a monkey’s business…

Worst listing photos ever. Monkey's business

19. Luxury bathroom with jail-style window and “crime scene” atmosphere

Worst listing photos ever. Crime scene bath

20. Always dreamed to live in an infested property?

Worst listing photos ever. Infested property

If you have other examples of “creative” property listing photography, please feel free to send them to us at [email protected]









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