Listing price is crucial

Listing Price is Crucial

Perhaps the most common mistake made by homeowners wanting to sell their property is incorrectly pricing their home for the current market, says Peggy Su, RE/MAX London Regional Director. She adds that while there are valuations tools available to sellers online, to set the right market-related value, requires specific area knowledge, an understanding of the

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Spanning the generations

Spanning the Generations: Know your Clients’ Needs to Serve Them Better

Spanning the Generations: Know your Clients’ Needs to Serve Them Better   Generation X, Baby Boomers, Silent Generation, Millennials: we often read these terms on papers or social media and we vaguely associate them to different categories of people and ages. But, do we know what they really mean and, above all, how to approach each person according to its generational

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Social networking

Put People First. Five Golden Principles for Digital Efficiency

An interesting contribution by Chris Smith* on the proper way to use technology in business published in the last number of Above, the RE/MAX Magazine. PUT PEOPLE FIRST By Chris Smith* The past 10 years have been a digital revolution. And much like the Industrial Revolution, which modernized society, it’s changed the way people and companies operate – this time, though,

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Social media logo

5 Social Media Mistakes that Estate Agents Make

Most common social media mistakes that estate agents (and not only) make: an interesting contribution by Jordan Scheltgen from   Still think social media isn’t important to your marketing strategy? Think again. More than 93 percent of Americans (according to Hubspot) and 33 millions people in the UK (according to FB figures) are on Facebook , and 90 percent of homebuyers start their

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