Spanning the generations

Spanning the Generations: Know your Clients’ Needs to Serve Them Better

Spanning the Generations: Know your Clients’ Needs to Serve Them Better


Generation X, Baby Boomers, Silent Generation, Millennials: we often read these terms on papers or social media and we vaguely associate them to different categories of people and ages. But, do we know what they really mean and, above all, how to approach each person according to its generational background and peculiar way to relate with others?

Each generation of buyers and sellers tends to have distinctive priorities and communication styles. By tailoring his approach to consider these generational distinctions – along with each individual’s expressed desires – a estate good agent can reinforce the idea that he’s really the right person to best meet his clients’ needs.

The following chart help us to understand motivations, preferences & expectations of different generations of property buyers and sellers and provides us a useful guideline to manage every transaction properly, bearing in mind what our client desires and expects from us according to his age and generational background:


Generation sidebars


What do you think about this topic? According to you, which is the best way to relate with different generation of buyers and sellers? Let us know!

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