RE/MAX London launches Lifestyle division

A bespoke concierge property and lifestyle service

 Catering to the needs of high-net-individuals looking to relocate to the United Kingdom, RE/MAX London has recently partnered with Panoba, an education and lifestyle management consultancy, to create RE/MAX Lifestyle.

Headed by Directors Debbie Gispan and Nicky Sakpoba, Panoba offers a variety of five-star services to assist the discerning foreign executive to navigate the process of relocating to the UK and placing their children in the ideal school to meet their educational needs and ongoing development. “While we can and do provide our services to people based in the UK, our key focus is on high-net-worth families who want to start their relationship with the UK by their children being educated in a British boarding school,” says Gispan. “There are multitudes of people from around the globe who want their children to receive an education in Britain but don’t know how to go about starting the process. As their contact in the UK, we are able to represent them and guide them through the journey to successfully place their children in the appropriate school. This includes preparing them for the entrance exams and possibly providing language tutoring if required to achieve a successful outcome.”

While educational placement is their primary focus, as a bespoke concierge lifestyle offering, Panoba can tailor their services to meet the needs of both their local and international clientele. Under the RE/MAX Lifestyle umbrella, Panoba will assist clients with any and all services they may require during and after the relocation process, whether it be finding a driver, organising a party or arranging for a healthcare procedure. “Our clients are extremely busy people whose time comes at a premium. We effectively manage everything to do with setting up their life here in the UK, so they can focus on their business affairs overseas. We cater to all their needs to ensure their transition into British life is as smooth and easy as possible,” says Sakpoba. “While RE/MAX can provide expert advice regarding finding the right property, we are the mint-on-the-pillow service that will add their current offering and enhance the customer experience.”

Panoba’s range of service offering is extensive. “We can provide everything from private parking to top-notch security, and under the client’s instruction, can be trusted to renovate the interior of the home. It all depends on what the client requires, our involvement can be as far reaching as they like,” says Gispan.

So why choose to use Panoba and RE/MAX Lifestyle? “Our motto is ‘wisdom is wealth’ and this is what we hope to convey to our highly valued customers. With the help of our extensive expertise in high-end lifestyle management, our clients and their families will have more time to focus on enjoying and making a success of their time here in Britain,” says Gispan.

Sakpoba continues: “No two clients are the same. For us, the most important thing is to provide a high-quality personal service tailored to their needs. We pride ourselves on developing relationships to make sure we accommodate every need of our clients. A bespoke tailored service to each person’s needs and not a one size fits all model,” she concludes.

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