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Enrol at the next RE/MAX Residential Property Investment Seminar


Never has this been truer, than within the field of residential property investment.

With newspapers again devoting acres of column inches to the subject, lenders easing entry levels, rents rising at record pace and home-builders back in full-swing, residential property investment is firmly back on the agenda.

Never has knowledge been more important for those considering adding property to their investments or expanding their portfolio. To be in the know and take advantage of current market opportunities, sign-up today at the link below to enrol at the next RE/MAX Why What Where seminar on Saturday 15th August 2015:

Seminars are the equivalent of a one day crash course. You could spend many months doing your own research, making your own mistakes, gaining experience. It was Oscar Wilde who once said “Experience is simply the name we give our mistakes”. Or you could spend one day in the company of people who have already gained the experience. Taking advantage and benefiting from their knowledge.

The day is a full one day course from 09.30 to 18.00 with regular breaks and lunch.

There are many areas of investment which will be covered. Some of the day’s agenda is highlighted below.

  • The fundamentals of property investment
  • Why investment in property has stood the test of time
  • 30 ways to reduce your expenditure
  • How to be a successful landlord
  • Understanding conveyancing
  • Property investment and tax
  • Different types of mortgages
  • Equity release and building your portfolio
  • How to be thorough in your due diligence
  • How to separate the property myths from the reality
  • The RE/MAX Why What Where hot list of “What not to do!”

With RE/MAX Why What Where you will discover how to separate the property myths from the truth. The hype from the reality.

If you want to learn the truth about investing in the residential property market, then book your place at a RE/MAX Why What Where education day now!

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