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7 Ways to Reach and Make Business with Generation X and Generation Y

Generation X (35 to 49) and Generation Y (10 to 34, also know as “Millennials”) are very important segments of the property market. The former are usually “second steppers” and tend to be extremely active into the property ladder; the latter are typical first-time buyers and, above all, are the sellers of the future.

Finding an effective way to engage with these two peculiar generations of sellers and buyers is extremely important for any estate agent. But, such as every generation, these two have their own distinctive motivations, preferences and communications styles.

On the latest number of the RE/MAX ABOVE Magazine, featured speaker and member of Generation X Terry Watson  (below) provides his insights into capturing and keeping the business of clients in both Generation X and Generation Y.

Terry Watson

1. Ask, “What is most important to you?”
It’s the million-dollar question you need to ask every generation. Not what’s important; what’s most important. It may not be what you think.

2. Don’t make them think.
People hate going to a website and having to search for a phone number and guess how to do something. It’s not enough to make things easy for Gen X and Y; you need to make things stupid easy.

3. Enjoy what you do.
Gen X and Y want to be with people who are enjoying what they’re doing. You can be serious and use humor effectively at the same time. We move to positivity.

4. Talk in sound bites.
Get straight to the point. Say what needs to be said in as few words as possible. If you talk to me for more than two minutes, I don’t care what you’re saying.

5. Show them, don’t tell them.
Any message you’re trying to get across to any member of Gen X or Gen Y, show them a video that makes that point. They’ll get it.

6. Re-examine your social media.
One of the first things Gen X and Gen Y clients are going to do is look at your social media. They’re going to look at your personal Facebook page, your Twitter, your everything. Get a professional Facebook page.

7. Be brutally honest.
Gen X and Gen Y appreciate total transparency. They have an irk meter and, if they’re like me, once that meter gets pegged, they’d rather be pecked to death by chickens than work with that person again.

What do you think about these principles?  Which is, in your opinion, the most effective way to reach this two important generations of clients? Share your thoughts with us!

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