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5 Tips to Close More Deals in 2015

5 Tips to Close More Deals in 2015

We spoke to two RE/MAX Chairman’s Club members*, asking their top business-building tips for 2015.

Laura Coffey

Laura Coffey

Maggie McFarland

Maggie McFarland

Laura Coffey, of RE/MAX Santa Clarita in Santa Clarita, California, has been with RE/MAX since 2005. Maggie McFarland with RE/MAX Pearland in Pearland, Texas, has been with RE/MAX since 1996.

Here are their top five ideas for closing five more deals in 2015.

1. Take advantage of free marketing channels
When she first started building a marketing plan, Coffey didn’t have much of a budget. So she focused on finding alternatives. Blogging, hosting open houses, sharing properties on Facebook and answering questions on the Trulia and Zillow blogs became part of her weekly promotions. These free tools helped her business blossom.

McFarland started her online marketing a few years ago with a blog that focused on what’s happening in her Texas community. From there, she took advantage of free tools on Trulia, Zillow and other real estate sites to spread the word even further.

2. Be consistent with your communications
Coffey warns against letting your blog or webpage linger. That’s worse than not blogging or having a website to begin with. Choose your sweet spots – what you’re good at and what you like to write about – and provide weekly updates. 

McFarland has spent many late nights on her blog and the payoff has been significant. Now local businesses and nonprofit organizations ask to be included in her blog, proving that it attracts regular, local readers.

3. Know and measure where your business comes from
In order to take her productivity to the next level, McFarland invested three weeks analyzing where her business originates and how it develops. She now tracks her business closely using Top Producer. She knows which clients come from her marketing and which come through referrals. She also learned the importance of nurturing every lead that comes in, no matter the source.

4. Touch every lead 10 times
McFarland’s system of touching leads applies to herself as well as her team. Every morning, she personally makes 10 calls, and her team members follow the same ritual. Together they convert 4% of online leads – almost triple the industry average. Her strategy is to call, email and text – and repeat – until she gains the person’s attention.

Coffey follows up similarly and makes sure to provide top-notch customer service. She says not to just answer the basic questions, but make a connection with people to discover how you can really help them.

5. Promote your business with video
Coffey and McFarland both agree on the importance of video in an effective marketing plan. Although many people don’t like seeing themselves on video, practice does make perfect. It’s common knowledge that video significantly helps a message stand out among all the online noise, and it’s a vital component in selling yourself and your business.  

Coffey has found that it helps her connect directly with potential clients.

What do you think about these tips? Do you have any other suggestions to increase your business in 2015? Let us know! 

*To be a member of the RE/MAX Chairman’s Club you need to generate  £330,033 to £660,065 in commissions every year


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